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Welcome to your adviser easy reference guide offer these services by telephone where possible to minimise delays: – A dvise and explain all decisions. Underwriting For underwriting queries please contact the. As the Tele-App Specialist, you will be responsible for obtaining essential information for completing a life insurance application via a telephone interview providing a service to the producer which eliminates their need to complete an application.

TAL is the first choice for many industry-leading financial institutions because of the great benefits. Find out how partnering with TAL can help you.

The Tele-Underwriting Process And Protective Value Study

Tele-Underwriting – Detailed process for submitting tele-applications can be found in the IAC Underwriting Guide. New Business Only – Fax – Underwriting Teleservices. Work Position.

Sign up for Facebook today to discover local businesses near you. Tele-underwriting process Tele-underwriting provides an efficient and professional experience conducted by our own experienced Underwriters which frees up time for you and your staff.

Tele-underwriting also provides a record of your client’s interview, giving clients greater certainty at claim time and easing your compliance burden.

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