Brand consciousness among teenagers

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Brand Consciousness Among Teenagers

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Brand Consciousness among Indian Teenagers

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A Study On Brand Consciousness Among Teenagers Questionnaires. Introduction Brand awareness means the extent to which a brand associated with a particular product is documented by potential and existing customers either positively or negatively.

Creation of brand awareness is the primary goal of advertising at the beginning of any product's life cycle in target markets. Oct 07,  · Fashion is something that teens use to fit in which makes them Fashion is a popular style of clothes, hair, manners, habits, etc.

Brand Consciousness among Indian Teenagers

at a particular time or place. The craze for fashion is great among young people all over the world. Teenager’s Preferences and Choice Behavior towards Branded Or Unbranded Products 1ShahimiMohtar, segment The previous study explore the brand consciousness, perceptions, attitudes and adolescents capability among adolescent school kids and branding.

The results showed that children recognized brand by their. • By conducting this research on Brand Consciousness among UG students, it shall enable us to draw conclusions as to how important branded products are and do the students give a lot of importance to branded products and how well informed they are about these products.

Many people around the world rely on the mass media for news and entertainment, and globally, mass media is a huge industry. Usually, mass media aims to reach a very large market, such as the entire population of a country.

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Brand consciousness among teenagers
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