Branding educational services

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TouchSource Turnkey Digital Directories and Wayfinding

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What is Our Brand

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James Hammond's book "Branding Your Business" is an excellent book on how to promote your small business (or even your non-profit). This book has 18 chapters and contains a little over pages of great information.

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Our brand is more than a logo. You are our brand and our brand is you. We have a tradition of excellence and reputation that we must celebrate and protect.

You represent the College of Education and we are honored to support you.

About The Celebrity Branding® Agency

The following elements of our brand will help you to represent our college in a strong, unified voice. From brand identity landscapes to complete website creation and management, Higher Education Marketing provides full Branding and Web Development.

These services ensure that your school’s website is fully optimized and visible, with manageable and engaging aesthetics, and content management systems. Columnist Jim Yu explains how understanding searcher intent in regard to the buyer journey can help paid and online search marketers work together.

I am a Digital Brand Strategist focused on content development. Creating relevant content for brands, humanizing their customer relationships and promoting two-way conversations. By utilizing the popularity of digital and mobile media along with the increased importance of the social web, I help.

Branding educational services
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