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He has had the new. ESTABLISHED °^cS, 13 Reg. U. S. Pat. Office Volume New York Number Price 50 7, N. Y., Thursday, February 12, VEDITORIAL,wy r* There this are substantial and i. Continuing Payroll Problem-A REGULAR EARNINGS RATE PER HOUR OVERTIME EARNINGS HOURS WORKE D NO.

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OF W/H ALLOW. 99 Kipley, Carson C. Totals M 7 40 1, 4, 6 4 $ AMOUNT TOTAL Documents Similar To Continuing Payroll Project A. December 14 Payroll.

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continuing payroll problem-a kipley company, inc. payroll register for period ending january 8, 20 - no. of w/h allow. regular earnings hours worked hours worked overtime earnings total amount earnings oasdi fica hi fit sit deductions group suta cit simple insurance health insurance marital status employee rate per hour amount rate per hour.

Continuing payroll problem kipley
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