Culture by clyde kluckhohn

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Henry Murray

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Clyde K.M. Kluckhohn

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Alfred L. Kroeber

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The Navajo speak an Apachean language which is. Ethiopia - Itm Scandinabian Impression, Dokyniels LAN, Trio Montmart, Nils Dorkey Trio The Three Little Pigs, Moira Butterfield At School, James Nixon Tricks, Scams and Practical Jokes, Geoff Tibballs Working Indie - The.

The American anthropologist Clyde Kluckhohn () is known for his field work among the Navaho Indians, his contributions to the theory of culture, and his attempts to unify social sciences through interdisciplinary communication. Henry Alexander Murray (May 13, – June 23, ) was an American psychologist at Harvard was Director of the Harvard Psychological Clinic in the School of Arts and Sciences after Murray developed a theory of personality called personology, based on "need" and "press".Murray was also a co-developer, with Christiana Morgan, of the Thematic Apperception Test (TAT.

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Bibliography Kluckhohn, Clyde, and Dorothea Leighton (). The Navaho. Cambridge: Harvard University Press. Leighton, Dorothea, and Clyde Kluckhohn ().

Culture by clyde kluckhohn
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