Export data into external source m3

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Export data into external source (m3)

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Import data from Excel, SQL Server, SharePoint sites, and other external sources

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M2- Import data from an external source

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After creating an external table, you need to read data. You then use the INSERT OVERWRITE DIRECTORY ~ SELECT command to write CSV data to the S3 path that you designated as the data source for Amazon SageMaker.

Depending on your requirements, you can eliminate or process the columns in the SELECT clause in this step to optimize data analysis. Dominic Murphy is an Enterprise Solution Architect with Amazon Web Services. Apache Zeppelin is an open source GUI which creates interactive and collaborative notebooks for data exploration using Spark.

You can use Scala, Python, SQL (using Spark SQL), or HiveQL to manipulate data. M2 requires learners to import data from an external source (this could be from a text file, spreadsheet, word-processed table or another database package). The data could, for example, be used to form one of the tables required in the database.

Excel enables you to build Pivot Tables from data found both inside and outside the workbook where you create the Pivot Table. If your current data source resides in a file outside your current workbook, you can import the data into Excel. To bring data into Excel, you start on a blank worksheet and then on the File menu click.

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Export data into external source m3
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