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Spare parts for containers and skips

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Hook Lift Containers Suppliers

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Hook lift with container carrier MULTILIFT XR 18S, max. load 18 kg, length of container 4,5 - 6,6 m, tilt angle 50°, weight of the body 2 kg. Hydraulic in- or out- blocking system, controled from cab, outer emergency control pannel.

Swivel Hook Attachment Slide over existing forks placing the high capacity lifting hook at 24″ load center so you can utilize the full capacity of your forklift Units. Our Mission Jabel Oil Services (JOS) is the World Partner in Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Operation and Maintenance.

On our mission, Jabel Oil Services searched people worldwide to provide clients with experienced specialists. K-Pac Equipment - A Division of Krause Corporation is an industrial supplier of articulating cranes, cable hoists, cranes, dead lift, heavy duty hoist, hoist, hoist frame, hoist up, hoists, hook lift.

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Thompson Fabricating offers both rectangular and bath tub style hook lift containers. Learn more about manufacturing specifications, size and color variations.

Hook lift container suppliers
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