Ibm selectric typewriter service

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Equipment may be followed into the shop, but they also do on-site aide calls as well. *Free Gift with Purchase* The IBM Lexmark Selectric series has been a solid powerhouse machine providing the best in features and reliability for decades of service.

The IBM Selectric 3 features a 15 inch carriage, dual pitch (10 & 12 characters per inch), beige Correcting Selectric.

I have an IBM Selectric III that's gummed up and needs fixing.

IBM Selectric III (Reconditioned)

All I can say is your grandmother's Selectric is a Correcting Selectric II. The logo on the Selectric. IBM Selectric Typewriter. likes.

Refurbished IBM Selectric Model 72 - 725 (15

The best damn typewriter ever made. Sep 01,  · IBM Selectric II carriage return stuck. Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Lee Kingston, Aug 30, Lee Kingston Guest. My IBM Selectric II typewriter fails to return the carriage when either the Return or Exp key is pressed.

IBM Selectric typewriter

I've taken the typewriter apart and have. About Cambridge Typewriter was founded in by Ed Vanderwalle as a typewriter rental company, with its original home on Mass Avenue in Cambridge, MA. As the company grew over the coming years, so did the services offered.

This is the IBM Personal Typewriter. I know, it's a confusing name because when people talk about them, they don't mean it's their personal typewriter, that's the name IBM gave to this model.

Some people call it the Personal Selectric, but that's not the official name.

Ibm selectric typewriter service
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