Importance of service learning

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Engaging students in learning

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What is Service Learning or Community Engagement?

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He ensured that if school programs are to traditional service learning, the education of future admissions on students should be tried on reasonable empirical evidence. In essence, service learning describes a way of teaching and learning that benefits not only the students but the surrounding community as well.

It works by teaching concepts in the classroom, which can be applied within that community; as a result, it is mutually beneficial to everyone involved. Service-learning is a form of experiential education that supports deep learning.

Through their service-learning activities, students apply classroom knowledge in practical settings to enhance their understanding of class materials. A service-learning classroom employs the community to educate through valuable and meaningful service projects.

Dewey believed that the community was an essential component of education because the knowledge learned in schools must be applied to the "real-world" for the advancement of the students and the betterment of society. Students gain by learning through the process, not by hours spent.

o An authentic service-learning curriculum does not place emphasis on hours spent in short-term community service projects; rather, the emphasis is on the learning and greater understanding that takes place as a result of doing the work.

As an administrator of a learning management system it is important that you incorporate elements of self-service into your platform. Sure, it will make life easier for you. In this summer service-learning project called History is What You Are Doing, students addressed the need to identify and preserve historical landmarks in the city of Lawrence.

Students are aware and acknowledge that their city is rich with history with many places that are historically important.

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