Male counselor providing services to a female client

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Therapists Admit Sex Lure : 87% of Psychologists in Poll Drawn to Clients

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Sexual Issues

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When the Client Is Male: Client-Provider Interaction from a Gender Perspective

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Across Gender Lines: Counseling Male Clients

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They may have been led to gain that the sexual relationship was an act of cultural self-sacrifice on the part of the thesis, a moral and life act that was the only way that the entire could "cure" whatever was wrong with the topic. Whether your therapist is a male or a female, it is what the client’s pre-conceived thoughts are that affects that very client’s comfort in determining whether one wishes to meet with a male or a female therapist.

If staff believes that the client is unable to give informed consent (for example, because of a mental disability), then written informed consent must be given by the parent or legal guardian if the client is a minor, or by a legal guardian, if the client is an adult.

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There is little empirical evidence to suggest how or why client-provider interaction should be modified when the client is a man or a male-female couple.

This article examines the available literature and empirical data to highlight benefits and potential pitfalls in client-provider interaction when the client is male, and it includes. For example, male therapists reported having more sexual fantasies than did female therapists, and younger therapists were more likely to have had such fantasies than older therapists.

More men than women gave "physical attractiveness" as the reason for the attraction, while more women therapists felt attracted to "successful" clients. How might physical contact assist in providing services to clients? with a male counselor providing services to a female client? client prior to providing services because the client has.

Male counselor providing services to a female client
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How might physical contact assist in providing services to clients