Mom vs mom

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Mom vs. the Boys. 15, likes · talking about this. A parenting community for boymoms. Celebrating the joys and trials of raising the opposite gender! It depends on the sentence. For example: Someone stole mom's car. I heard your mom's going to Germany.A lot of moms will be at the party.

Aug 10,  · Best Answer: I actually say Mother. It depends on where you live which one you US uses Mom. Australia,New Zealand and the UK say Mum. Canada seems to be Resolved. Mother of five navigating her way through babies in college and diapers.

Glass vs. Plastic: The Great Debate A long time ago, the only type of baby bottles available to parents were made from glass. Glass bottles weren’t necessarily ideal; breaking glass was a concern, and they were typically heavy and hard to babies to hold.

Mom vs mom
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