Pharmacy service improvement at cvs

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Pharmacy Service Improvement at CVS (A) Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

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A customer would drop off a script and write the requested pickup time on the script itself, then put it in a box that was divided into a number of slots. Kim Ayala serves as UnitedRx’s lead operations tech, managing all aspects of pharmacy workflow.

Pharmacy service improvement at CVS

She has been with UnitedRx for 8 years and has worked in every department (except sales and marketing), so Kim is the ideal person to ensure that daily operations always run smooth.

Case: Pharmacy service improvement at CVS Case: Pharmacy Service Improvement at CVS INTRODUCTION Consumer Value Store (CVS) opened in Lowell, Massachusetts in The company was one of America’s largest retail drugstores and had 4, stores and revenue of $ billion by Regular discounts, sales and coupons make shopping at CVS an affordable way to stock up on everyday essentials.

Whether you’re just picking up a prescription at the CVS pharmacy, taking advantage of the CVS passport photo printing service, or simply grabbing a new tube of toothpaste, you’ll find lots of CVS coupons and other ways to save right here.

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Background CVS (Consumer value store) faced increasing customer complaints that prevented the company from stronger growth.

This problem was initially perceived to be due to poor customer service; however, by historical data analysis and customer interviews, Pharmacy Service Initiative (PSI) including “operations executives and managers”, “pharmacy.

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