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If you accidentally end up on this screen, simply click on the PowerPoint icon in the upper left to return to your regular PowerPoint slide.

(see screenshot below) You can also close the Microsoft Visual Basic window to get back to PowerPoint. Classification of Matter (p, ) Matter Flowchart Pure Substances Mixtures A. Matter Flowchart A.

Matter Flowchart Examples: graphite pepper sugar (sucrose) paint soda B. Pure Substances Element composed of identical atoms EX: copper wire, aluminum foil B. Pure Substances Compound composed of 2 or more elements in a fixed ratio. PowerPoint Presentation Author: Janet Zove Last modified by: Tom Kartachak Created Date: 10/8/ PM Pirates Log Pirate Safety Management Quality and Safety Combined in Changed the Goal Setting Process Introduced A Zero Accident Program Benchmark the “True” Cost of Accidents The “True” Total Cost of Accidents Cost.

Historical Background of Management The recorded use of organised management dates back to B.C. when the agricultural revolution had taken place.

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Ppt ofctive managpe pres
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