Role of teacher in quality sustenance in higher education

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Higher Education 0 - Challenges & Sustenance

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Hence, this should also be the focus of our teaching practice. Education has come to be today as nothing more than an Instrument of livelihood.

It should enable the student to take out his livelihood. Education must prepare the student for future occupational positions, the youth should be enabled to play a productive role in society. Accordingly, great emphasis has been placed on vocational training.

The core mission of higher education is to educate, train, undertake, research and provide service to the community. The Higher Education. Dec 26,  · The lecture gives an overview of Quality Assurance by external agencies for Higher Education Institutions in general and also the sustenance of the Quality by internal mechanism.

Teaching excellence is the key to a strong and growing regional economy (Sampson, ). Higher education offers quality programs and services and continually improves these programs to ensure teaching and learning excellence.

Instructional programs can be traditional credit The Role of Higher Education in Economic Development Page 6 of Teachers’ and teacher assistants’ working relationship: General responsibilities Inherent in the School Act and Special Education Policy, Procedures and Guidelines is the teacher’s responsibility for designing, implementing, and evaluating the educational program, and the teacher assistant’s role to assist teachers in this responsibility.

Role of teacher in quality sustenance in higher education
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National Conference on ‘Quality Sustenance in Higher Education Institutions’