Royal voluntary service

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Women's Royal Voluntary Service Medal

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Women's Royal Voluntary Service Medal

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Royal Voluntary Service. 9, likes · talking about this. We were originally founded in May to help recruit women into the Air Raid Precautions.

The latest Tweets from Royal Voluntary Service Manchester (@RVSManchester). Voluntary organisation based across Greater Manchester supporting older people to retain their independence, happiness, well-being and. Royal Voluntary Service is a national charity built on local volunteering, giving support to people.

Voluntary service is highly rewarding. It’s good for you, for community and for the country.

Royal Voluntary Service

Our 20, dedicated volunteers make a significant difference in society, meeting the needs of the day and supporting people in hospitals, at home and in the community.

Royal Voluntary Service is a volunteer organisation that enriches the lives of older people and their families across Britain. We support older people by giv. Royal Voluntary Service are a volunteer organisation that enrich the lives of older people and their families across Britain.

Royal voluntary service
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