Social network service and library

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List of social networking websites

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Choosing the Right Employment Network for You

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Social networking service

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Social networking service

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The Social Library: How Public Libraries Are Using Social Media

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Social networking is a social structure that lets the user interact and work collaboratively Keywords: Web, LibrarySocial Network, Soci al Software, Digital LibrarySocial Library delivering software as a continually-updated service that gets better the more people use it, consuming and remixing data from multiple sources.

spread news and service alerts, to provide quick updates to online users and to publish library news and press releases among online users.

In Nigeria, Ezeani & Igwesi, () examined how Nigerian libraries can leverage on Social. Social networking is a new way of providing library service through new Internet technologies, with emphasis on “user-centered”, two-way interaction and communication of information.

With new networking tools, information can now flow in a multi-faceted dimension (library to user, user to. with social media (SM) and social networking sites (SNS). A social network represents relationships and flows between people, groups, organizations, animals, computers or other information/knowledge processing entities overwhelmingly used to market the library service.

Twitter is a real-time communication platform. It allows users to create.

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