Strategy simulation

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Blue Ocean Strategy with BOSS business simulation

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Strategy Simulation

Romeo StermanDavid Miller and Joe Hsueh In this unchanging, web-based simulation, guests play the verb of the founder of a new language company in the exciting and careful clean tech sector. In this online simulation, students identify patterns in negotiation strategy by playing against the computer (Practice Mode) and then apply those lessons in a fast-paced group negotiation (Play Mode).

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Strategy & Simulation GAMES

In the best Simulation and Strategy games you have to make fun strategic decisions to reach your goal main goal. Strategy simulation strategic thinking on all kinds of situations including running a city, repairing roads and bridges and defend your land. StratSimMarketing is a comprehensive marketing strategy simulation based on the automobile industry that demonstrates the impact of marketing decisions on the other functional areas of the business.

See management strategy simulations offered through LearningEdge, such as those for clean energy, video games production, and commodities pricing. web-based simulation, participants play the role of the founder of a new startup company in the exciting and competitive clean tech sector.

simulated by the computer, and set the industry. The Blue Ocean Strategy simulation was designed with extensive input from the authors of the bestselling book Blue Ocean Strategy. Your course participants will truly experience the power of Blue Ocean Strategy by applying the theory and using the methodologies and tools described in the book.

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Strategy simulation
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