Why financial services require regulation

Why Simple Financial Advisor Regulation Requires Complex Guidance

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What impact does government regulation have on the financial services sector?

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Financial regulation

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Financial regulation

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What impact does government regulation have on the financial services sector?

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Financial Regulators: Who They Are and What They Do

The topic of financial deregulation is once again generating news stories. It raises a foundational question: “Why is the U.S. banking system so heavily regulated?” Banking regulation has existed in some form since the chartering of banks and its goals have evolved over time.

May 14,  · One of the characters in the classic film “Stagecoach” is a banker named Gatewood who lectures his captive audience on the evils of. financial markets and banking and financial services. He also i s a former general counsel of Why Do We Regulate Banks? regulation that we seldom stop to ask why we do it.

Yet, when one looks deeply into the ques-tion, it is difficult to identify a sound policy reason for regulat-ing banks. Most of the conven. It is also responsible for training financial services professionals, licensing and testing agents, and overseeing the mediation and arbitration processes for disputes between customers and brokers.

That’s why regulators require companies to fully disclose information. That way, the entire market is better informed. This results in a greater willingness of firms or individuals to invest. Of course, the SEC rules require that any issuers conducting Tier 2 offerings under this regulation to utilize a transfer agent to do so.

The agent has to be registered with the SEC prior to you using their services.

Why financial services require regulation
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