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Communicating Science: A Conversation with Science Writer Steve Silberman

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The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks

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Charles Platt (author)

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Psychology professor’s newest book looks at how the brain constructs emotions

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Filed Under Bad Science, food, Food Science, Science To celebrate the launch of my recent book, The Science of Cooking: Every question answered to give you the edge, published by DK Books, I am starting a special series of posts about food science.

The book is already garnering much attention from several media outlets including the Wall Street Journal, Elle magazine, Forbes, New York Magazine, Popular Science, and Booklist Online. Additionally, Barrett penned a piece for The Chronicle of Higher. View Newspapers and Magazines by Title The > symbol indicates that the publication is contained in the library collection, but is not current.

Publication has. Science as incontrovertible truth is a powerful idea, and one often invoked in response to woolly sociological notions that we might work to change society. But what has science had to say about brains. Inspiration lies at the heart of innovation: it challenges the norm, and guides ideas previously thought impossible toward reality.

Science fiction is one source of such inspiration, allowing for the conception of great advancements in potential futures.

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Wired magazine is a computer magazine devoted to readers who want to know more about that world. Every issue covers the newest and hottest electronic devices, giving readers an inside look at those devices before they hit the streets/5().

Wired magazine science writer chemical book
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